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Developing a Life With Purpose

By Aligning Your Wealth With Your Aspirations

Addressing Your Finances

One Step at a Time

From our initial interaction, you'll find that we’re primarily interested in learning about you. Our goal is to develop an understanding of the dynamics of your family, your concerns and your aspirations for the future. With these details in mind, we take a look at your financial situation and determine what strategies will work best for you.

By understanding the relationships of risk management, asset management, tax efficiency and income streams, we can determine how to efficiently address your needs. We want to be able to better align your goals in terms of asset and tax management, as well as beginning to develop an estate plan.

Our Planning Process Includes

Step 1 Discovery Phase Lancaster, PA Regal Wealth Advisors

Step 1:

Discovery Phase

We will get to know each other by developing an understanding of your goals, life dreams, and aspirations. During this time, we are here to answer your questions regarding our firm and how we can assist you with your financial concerns. From this discovery and education phase of the planning process, our next meeting will involve a presentation of specific strategic options.

Step 2 Presentation of Ideas Lancaster, PA Regal Wealth Advisors

Step 2:

Presentation of Ideas

Based on your values and goals, we will present our recommendations on how to best move forward as well as what changes will need to be implemented in order to achieve financial independence. From asset growth and protection to questions about retirement, we will cover the details of your financial plan.

Step 3 Review & Implementation Lancaster, PA Regal Wealth Advisors

Step 3:

Review & Implementation

If we agree that these steps work for you, we will move into the implementation phase. By setting up a schedule of periodic review sessions, we will make sure to address any areas of concern that you may still have.

Step 4 Monitor and Adjust Lancaster, PA Regal Wealth Advisors

Step 4:

Monitor and Adjust

Over time, we will monitor your accounts to ensure they are still performing in a way that meets your intentions. If your circumstances have changed, we will make adjustments accordingly.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you feel prepared to begin or still have a few questions about our firm, we’re here to help build your financial confidence and comprehension. We offer a free consultation for new clients during which time we will discuss your initial concerns, goals and interests.

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